Freelance Services


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I charge industry standard rates according to the Editorial Freelancers Association. 

All quotes are free and I offer a sample edit before beginning large projects.



Basic Copyediting — Reviewing unedited manuscript for proper spelling, grammar and syntax, word usage, diacritical marks, and style consistency.

Fact-checking — Testing accuracy of URLs, addresses, and phone numbers,  plus correct and consistent usage of proper nouns per brand or style guidelines.

Formatting — Adjusting references, footnotes or endnotes, indexes, margins, fonts, tables, headers or other manuscript features per publisher guidelines.


First-round proofs — Checking for any errors on designed pages (such as pdfs or web proofs) before publication. In addition to light copyediting, designed elements such as images, headings, footers, and info graphics will be evaluated for legibility, accuracy, and print quality.

Slugging — Comparing first proofs with revised proofs for implemented corrections and any overlooked errors from the design process.


Close Reading with Commentary  — A thorough reading of your unedited manuscript, followed by a one-page response letter with suggested edits and a 1-hour consultation (in-person or via Skype).


Short-Form Pieces — Calendar items, news and notes, brief overviews, blurby reviews, quick how-tos, or short Q&As.

Long-Form Pieces — Full-length profiles, balanced reports, in-depth reporting, third-person stories or personal narratives.


Print Ad/Direct Mail — Eye-grabbing copy with measurable calls-to-action.

Newsletter/E-newsletter — Informative organizational updates or quick retail clicks using MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc.

Website Copy — Navigational text to send users where they want to go.

Social Media — Punchy packages of content to be used across all your platforms. Editorial calendar or Buffer assistance.


Consultation & Strategic Plan  — A written plan to align your goals with strategic actions across digital and/or print media. May also be accompanied by a tentative timeline and budget. Minimum 2-hour consultation.

Press Release — A professional announcement of your next big thing made ready to go to media outlets.